Joseph Skinnard published in Estates Gazette

A new tool for tenants in dilapidations

Published in the Estates Gazette, Joseph Skinnard sets out a newly identified dilapidations negotiation tool, set around the impact of capital allowances.

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With challenging market conditions, commercial tenants are looking to us more than ever to take their landlords to task over dilapidations claims made against them at the end of their leases.  Whilst we have a raft of experience and methods to challenge these claims successfully, through our determination to innovate in our clients’ best interests, we are now taking a completely new approach on some claims where we are able to identify that landlords can take advantage of current ‘capital allowances’, enabling them to recover – through tax efficiencies – substantial proportions of their claimed dilapidations expenditure.  Tenants able to reflect that net saving stand to benefit substantially from ultimately reduced dilapidations settlements, and have new ammunition to seek to challenge the validity of their landlords’ claimed intentions.

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